Hay por ahí un chaval que se llama Bono

(Taza, tetera, cuchara, cucharón, el himno favorito de David Bowie)
  • Pues sí, tenemos canción nueva de U2. Mientras vuelve Víctor Rodríguez a hacer el obituario, nuestro veredicto es que, afortunadamente, los videos en Facebook tienen autoplay, sí, pero también el sonido muteado.

Hermoso botón
  • Mucha más ilusión nos hace el regreso de Ian Svenonius. Si lo de The Make-Up o Chain and The Gang no os ha encajado nunca, cerrad la puerta al salir. Si al menos alguna vez os ha podido entrar, el nuevo single (bajo el seudónimo de Escape-ism, como la canción de James Brown; se impone aquí la funkseñal) es ominoso y esquelético a la vez, lo cual nos hace salivar. Faux naïf, dice la nota de prensa. Faux naïf parece todo lo demás hoy en día.

  • Por cierto, imaginemos que hoy en día alguien en España titula su primer disco, de 13 canciones, “Programa de 13 puntos para destruir España”. La Jihad Mourinhista.
  • Dicen Kurt Vile y Courtney Barnett que ellos también saca nueva canción (de su disco conjunto Lotta Sea Lice). Si pensabais que lo de U2 en FB Live no era suficiente, para oír ésta os tenéis que hacer de Apple Music. Nosotros no enlazamos a terroristas.


  • Como veis con todas estas noticias, vivimos un momento glorioso. Por si hicieran falta más datos:

  • 8 (putos) discos suspendidos. Ninguno es de este año. ¿Sabéis qué banda tiene 8 discos? EXACTO:

(En realidad, sabemos que son 7, pero si a Steve Bannon le coló Breitbart…)
  • Hablando de sietecomacinquismos, el disco de regreso (de uno de sus muchos regresos) de LCD Soundsystem está ya al caer y están recibiendo una puñado de críticas exultantes.

Cosas bonicas

  • Lo hemos pensado mejor y ellos también. Kurt & Courtney (ejem) han subido la muy bonita ‘Over Everything’ a Youtube:

En Paste (y mil sitios más) tenéis la info sobre lo que sabemos del disco.


Cosas malas

Cosas horribles

  • Si ayer precisamente recordábamos a Ghost Mice y Plan It X Records…

I accept accountability for my actions. I am deeply sorry for the pain that they have caused. I hold my self accountable and I accept being held accountable by my friends and members of my community.

I want to change and make sure I never do things like this again.

These are the things I will do and the reasons I think they will help.
 I will also be open to what others ask of me to do. But for now this is what I can do for me.

I will immediately start weekly (or more) therapy sessions and take medication if my therapist thinks it will help. I will do this to attempt to understand my actions and the pain that they have caused. I will do this to try and learn how to communicate better and accept criticism and advice from my friends and loved ones. I will also do this to work on my depression which has grown out of control over the last few years.

I will also stop drinking once and for all. I will attend AA meetings and cut alcohol completely from my life. I am in no way attempting to use alcoholism or being drunk as any kind of excuse or justification for my actions. But I have noticed that when I started drinking (which was much later in life than most people) I started doing things that surprised me. I can control when I drink and how much I drink, but I cannot seem to control my behavior when I drink. It has taken me until now to truly realize this to be true. Drinking has shown me a darker and irresponsible side of myself that I can no longer allow to be in my life. I drank more as I became more depressed, instead of seeking real help.

I have been removed, and plan to stay removed from the DIY music scene. I have denied the existence of social capitol before, but now I understand that I did, in fact wield quite a lot of it. I wanted to believe that punk rock was above that and that all punks knew that they were equal. I wanted to believe that people only liked me for who I was and not my position as a person in a band, or a person running a label. This was naive and untrue and kept me from seeing the social power others saw.

I acknowledge that I need to be more aware of my age. I need to be aware of how I communicate and interact with people younger than me (and in general) and how it effects them. I have spent a lot of this past year, drunk and alone, communicating with people without taking consideration for how it effects them. This should not be excused and I will address these things directly in therapy. I will also no longer engage in person social relationships with young people.

I have ignored many of my friends advice in regards to ways I could battle my depression, such as simple daily living things, like exercise and better eating (and not drinking of course). I will not ignore that advice anymore.

I write this with the most sincerity possible. I am not writing this to save my reputation, which I understand fully that I have ruined. I write this for this people that I have hurt and the people that care about me to let them know that I am sorry and that I hear them. I care about them. I will become a better person for them (and for myself) making sure that I never make the same mistakes.

I know that this is serious. I am going to a walk in clinic first thing tomorrow morning and an AA meeting as well. I understand that I need help and I am going to seek it.

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